Which Migratory Bird Are You?

Western Sandpiper

Most of us have taken random quizzes on Facebook, and they’re usually an attempt to get our attention towards their ads. The National Audubon Society, however, has generated this very short and cute little quiz, without the annoying little popup ads.

Their purpose? Have fun, and stay in tune with nature — which, if your reading this, you most likely already do.

Each year, millions of birds embark on awe-inspiring journeys, migrating throughout the hemisphere from backyards across the country to the far reaches of South America and back. This spring’s migration has begun and bird lovers everywhere are thrilled to welcome back our feathered friends.

Answering only four questions, I discovered I’m more like the Western Sandpiper (pictured above). After reading the description, I agreed!

Ever wonder which of these birds you would be? Take this quiz to find out!

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