What’s Your Wildlife Personality?

Monarch butterfly. What's Your Wildlife Personality?

New Quiz! I really like these, and there’s no obligation to sign up for anything or ads to navigate around. It’s just good fun.

This one comes from the National Wildlife Federation. After only eight cute little questions, you can find out if you’re a bison, a monarch, or something in between. Would you rather soar through the skies, roam the open plains or swim in a river?

I took the quiz, and my wildlife personalityis a monarch butterfly. It says:

“Just like a monarch butterfly, you are brilliant and graceful and the center of attention wherever you go! You’re a transformational figure who inspires and gives joy and delight to everyone around you. You have an incredible sense of direction and show amazing stamina as you travel through life’s journey!”

Which wildlife species channels your inner self? Find out when you take the quiz!

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