Update on Leatherbacks in Panama

My sea turtle post from March 31 mentioned the leatherbacks had begun nesting at research sites in Panama, Costa Rica, and Florida. Since they started early this year, we’re hoping for a good season for them. I have an update on the Panama sites, and the happy news that leatherbacks aren’t the only sea turltes that started early this year!

leatherback sea turtles

Leatherbacks are now nesting frequently at the project sites in Panama. Here are the latest nest numbers from Bocas del Toro: 441 on Chiriquí Beach, 94 nests on Soropta Beach, 16 nests on Long Beach (Bastimentos Island), and 10 nests on Bluff Beach.

They’ve even had an early appearance by some hawksbills!

Typically, hawksbill sea turtles don’t start nesting in Bocas del Toro until April, but they had a very early hawksbill nest recently hatch on Long Beach, Isla Bastimentos!

Look how adorable they are:

baby hawksbill 1

baby hawksbill 2

baby hawksbill 3

baby hawksbill 4














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