A Turtle’s Eye View of the Reef

Ever wonder what life looks like below the surface in the Great Barrier Reef? See it through the eyes of a sea turtle.

To better understand the post-release behavior of tagged green turtles, conservationists carefully fastened a GoPro to the back of a female sea turtle. The footage the camera collected gives us a unique view of the Great Barrier Reef.

Fastened safely with a suction cup, the camera accessory was designed to fall off the turtle after a short period of time. A diver collected the camera after it fell.

The tagged turtles help conservationists, researchers, government agencies and community groups to learn more about how pollution levels affect turtles in the reef. Green turtles, like the one to which the camera was attached, are classified as endangered. Tagging turtles helps us to learn where important feeding areas are located, understand migration patterns, and anticipate where a turtle may come into contact with fisheries and their gear.

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