This Week in Nature: Sept 28 – October 4

Pegasus Square:

square of pegasus 2

The fall sky is anchored by the large Square of Pegasus. Four bright stars make up the corners. On one side are two diagonal sets of stars; one set points to Markab, the other to Scheat.

Harvest Moons:

harvest moon

In early autumn, the time between successive moon rises is relatively short in the Northern Hemisphere’s mid latitudes, so full or nearly full moons can be seen rising soon after sunset on several consecutive evenings. The full moon closest to the autumnal equinox is called the Harvest Moon, because its bright moonlight allows farmers additional time after sunset to bring in their crops. Due to its tendency to have an orange hue, many people associate the Harvest Moon with October and Halloween.

Ant Colony:

ant lifting

Ants can lift 10 to 15 times their body weight, which helps them move large stores of food for the coming winter. Then – as ant colonies are active – they become prime movers of soil, as well as food for birds and bears when berries start to become scarce.

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