This Week in Nature: October 5-11

Mercury Joins Jupiter, Venus, Mars Mornings

4 planet alignment

Mercury enter the morning sky beginning the morning of October 7.

Moon Meets Planets

Moon meets planets

The moon will be next to a different celestial body every day between October 8 and October 11.

Red Leaves

red leaves

Anthocyanins give leaves their red color and also act as a form of protection, allowing the tree to recover nutrients in the leaves before they fall off.

Chlorophyll Retreats

orange and yellow leaves

Shorter days and falling temperatures signal many plants to withdraw chlorophyll from their leaves, revealing the yellow and orange colors (associated with waste products) that have built up in the leaves during summer.

Fallen Leaves

fallen leaves

Decomposing leaves add nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to the soil. Leave them there as spring vegetation will make good use of these.


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