This Week in Nature: October 19-25


circlet of stars

This faint circle of stars can be spotted directly below the Square of Pegasus. It is part of the constellation Pisces.


orionids 2

The Orionid meteor shower is expected to peak on October 21 and 22, producing about 20 meteors per hour.

The best time to view the Orionids is just after midnight or right before dusk.

Spooky Trees:

spooky tree

Trees become barren, losing their leaves to conserve water. This helps to guard against freezing in the winter to come.

Also, it makes them look really creepy at night.

Leaf Mold:

leaf mold 2

Molds are usually present when leaves are decaying in the fall (and other times in damp or humid conditions).

Leaves alone can take between one and two years to break down into rich humic matter with a smell reminiscent of ancient woodland.


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