The Osprey Cam is Up!

Osprey cam. The Osprey Cam is Up!

The Ospreys have returned to their nest platform at Milford Point in Connecticut, and their Osprey Cam is ready for your viewing pleasure!

The female has been on the platform consistently this morning. They will continue to come and go but will spend more time there as the days pass.

If they’re not there when you click, be patient and try again later. When I checked again this afternoon she wasn’t there, but right as I was about to exit out, she landed.


The Ospreys typically return to Connecticut between March 23 and March 27, with the male preceding the female. They spend a few days courting and re-cementing their bond from last year, and then work on the nest, before the female begins laying eggs.

They showed up here in the Chesapeake Bay on March 16. I was so excited to hear them I immediately sent out a tweet. 🙂 There’s two who live in the tree in our backyard and two who live in the tree in our front yard. I could sit outside watching them and let hours go by without even noticing. Since I don’t personally have a webcam to show you of my local Ospreys (I wish I did), I’ve attached the link above to the Osprey Cam I like to watch.


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