Taurids in 2013

This year the Taurid meteor shower will peak on November 6. They’re generally active from the last weeks of October into early November. Their radiance is evident in the constellation Taurus the Bull. And because they usually occur at the end of October, the Taurids are sometimes referred to as “Halloween fireballs.”

This annual meteor shower experience owes Comet Enke a debt of gratitude because this space object’s debris footprint makes it all happen.

The Taurids are not regarded as one of the Year’s leading meteor showers. Nonetheless, they can be impressive and engender fireballs and bolides (the brightest of fireballs).

These meteor showers are considered easier to track because they shoot across the sky slower than their peers.

Fall is the time when nearly half of the year’s meteor showers occur. Read about the rest of them here.

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