Springtime Mating Season PSA


Two rabbits in the yard. Springtime Mating Season PSA

Love is in the air! Everywhere you look around. Every sight and every sound; in the whisper of the trees and in the thunder of the of the seas. The outdoors is full of sights and sounds as the animals perform to attract mates for the springtime mating season. If you see an animal in your path or yard, admire them from afar and wait until they depart on their own. Animals are traveling around looking for love not food or a fight. Though if they feel threatened by another animal they may battle for the territory.

Turtle crossing the road. Springtime Mating Season PSA

Also, have your eyes on the road. Many mating animals and baby animals go from place to place, and roads usually transect through their territories. Some animals are slower to get out of the way than other, especially reptiles. Turtles are commonly seen crossing the roads, and most are sadly met with tragic ends. It’s up to us to be careful during all times of the year, but especially during the springtime mating season. Snakes and lizards will also be out on the road to bask in the heat from the sun absorbed by the pavement. Remember, snakes are our friends! Most of them are nonvenomous and they help control the rodent population. It may be hard to spot these reptiles because of their size and coloration, so keeping a sharp eye out is key.

Remember, when you’re outside enjoying springtime’s nature show, please be respectful.

Snake in the road. Springtime Mating Season PSA

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