Snowboard bungee jumping

snowboard bungee jumping

Ever wondered what it would feel like if you could slide down a mountain snowboard ramp and soar through the air without the fear of a crash landing? Now you can!

A French company, called Bun J Ride, has created this new adrenaline rush. Situated in France’s Northern Alps, this insane thrill ride is in a place called Tignes Ski Resort.

“Bun J Ride let’s skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels safely race down a 98-foot ramp and experience a 131-foot drop – all before two bungee cords lock into place, gently bringing the rider back to the snowy ground below via a zipline.”

Hopefully this really takes off (Ha!) and becomes so popular that one just like it gets built here in the states. I think I might try it.

Read a bit more about it here.

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