Polar bear vs Arctic robot

An adorable video was captured of a polar bear reacting to an Arctic robot. A nearby camera, as well as the robot itself, gained some rather amusing footage.

In 2011, John Downer Productions for the BBC used three remotely controlled miniature devices equipped with high definition cameras to document the behavior of undisturbed polar bears in Svalbard. It was part of a series called Wildlife Specials: The Spy Collection. They were: “Icebergcam,” which was waterborne; “Blizzardcam,” which traveled over the land like a small robot in all weather; and “Snowballcam,” which was about the size of a soccer ball and could roll like one.

The housing was white to help them blend in with their surroundings. By controlling the movements of the cameras from a distance, they were able to obtain extraordinary video of bears journeying across the drifting ice in search of seals, raiding bird colonies, diving for kelp, indulging in courtship rituals, and of other aspects of their natural behavior. From a very close distance, “Icebergcam” even documented how a group of bears could be non-aggressive in the presence of a surplus of food when seven bears shared a washed-up whale carcass.

However, polar bears are also very curious, so their investigation of the units they eventually noticed resulted in some comical, but highly destructive encounters.

I don’t know what other video is being used to capture this polar bear in action, but I’m grateful for it. This is really cute:

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