Pigeon Air Patrol Tweets on London’s Pollution

Pigeon Air Patrol Tweets on London's Pollution

There are days in London when the pollution is so bad that an asthmatic sitting in Trafalgar Square might actually breathe easier in Beijing. A recent study calculated that nearly 1,000 people a year die prematurely due to the city’s toxic air.

Fortunately the city now has a new team of tireless pollution watchdogs — or rather, watch-pigeons. Equipped with GPS, nitrogen dioxide sensors and a Twitter handle, the duly dubbed Pigeon Air Patrol, made up of a half-dozen racing pigeons, took flight this March to monitor and tweet about London’s air quality.

Find out more about Brian Woodhouse, the activist pigeon fancier, and his team of racing pigeons in The Guardian.

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Photo: DigitasLBI

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