New wildlife crossings in Alberta

wildlife crossing

Biologists have proposed – and built – several wildlife crossings in Alberta, Canada.

Most of us know about the problems of habitat fragmentation and the fact that it causes alterations in the environment and speeds up the endangerment of species. Wildlife, however, tries to overcompensate fragmentation by putting themselves in harms way in order to spread their breeding range. These attempts result in collisions between wildlife and vehicles, a consequence that can cost human life, wildlife, and money.

Wildlife crossings like this one on Highway 3 through the Crowsnest Pass would allow animals to cross safely in search of mates residing on the other side – an action that can only increase the strength of the genetic health of several species.

Also, I’m sure that not all animals will adhere to the specific wildlife crossings, but it’s a start. These crossing will definitely lessen wildlife accidents and increase breeding ranges. In my opinion, it’s worth it. Kudos Alberta! All other states and provinces: take note!

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