Nesting Sea Turtle Update for Juno Beach, FL

nesting sea turtle tracks on Juno Beach, FL

The 2016 nesting sea turtle season is kicking up into full gear. The loggerheads began nesting in mid-April, and currently 20-100 new nests are being documented each night! The loggerhead nests are currently trending ahead of 2012 results (the previous high record year for loggerheads.) Peak nesting for loggerheads typically occurs in late June to early July, while nesting begins to decrease in August.

The green turtles typically begin to nest in late May to early June. The first green turtle nest hasn’t been spotted yet — though it should happen any day now — green turtle nesting, however, isn’t expected to reach peak until August.

As of May 23, 107 leatherback nests were recorded along with 1,855 loggerhead nests along Palm Beach County and surrounding areas. The Leatherback Project has encountered 52 leatherback nesting sea turtles during nighttime monitoring of Juno Beach, specifically. Of those encounters, 13 were new females that were not previously tagged. You can follow along with the Leatherack Project on their blog.

For those of you out on the beach this summer, please remember:

  • Do not approach a nesting sea turtle on the beach.
  • Turn off your lights and do not use flashlight or flash photography on the beach at night.
  • Please remove beach furniture and other debris or trash from the beach.
  • Fill in any holes and knock over sand castles.
  • Do not try to mark sea turtle crawls for the research crews

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