Name the Nestlings! A bald eaglet naming contest

Romeo and Juliet bald eagles

The American Eagle Foundation (AEF) has a really cool thing going on. Two of their bald eagles are constantly live on a webcam. That’s right, 24 hours a day you can witness bald eagles “Romeo” and “Juliet” from their Northeast Florida nest. But that’s not the best part. Romeo and Juliet are the proud parents of two brand new nestlings (or eaglets)! Though they are adorable to watch, they need names of their own.

But first, let me tell you about the webcams.

AEF has three high definition webcams pointed at the nest at all times. Since bald eagle pairs (who mate for life) will always make sure there is one of them at the nest at all times when there’s nestlings involved, you will be able to see some amazing footage at any given time — even while they’re sleeping. These three cams are seriously so cool, you’ll want to save them to your browser. Here they are:

Webcam 1 is a pan/tilt/zoom cam (PTZ), that affords incredible up close views of activities in the nest. This is a side view of the nest and is usually where you’ll see either Romeo or Juliet (or both) perched on a tree branch right next to the nest.

Webcam 2 is also a PTZ cam focused on the nest from a different angle. This cam is more directly facing the inside of the nest, and at night you can watch some adorable footage of the sweet sleeping eaglets.

Webcam 3 shows the nest tree and the canopy from a PTZ cam anchored on a different tree at a lower angle. If you watch for a while, you may be lucky enough to see the bald eagles flying to and fro. Soon, when the eaglets get to a certain size, here is where you will see them “branch” and ultimately “fledge” the nest.

With all three cams you can watch Romeo and Juliet’s nestlings grow up. Until then, they need to be named. Right now they’re referred to as NE5 and NE6, and that’s no fun. So, AEF is holding a “Name the Nestlings” contest that you can get involved with. Here’s the link to the official rules, regulations, and prizes for the contest which ends January 31.

bald eagle nestlings

One specific rule is that you have to be a member of AEF. They have donation packages that start at just $20. If you are unable to donate, no worries. You can still participate in the wonderful world of webcam watching. No charge! (It really is addicting). But if you can donate, I highly recommend it. You’ll receive some really cool and patriotic merchandise from AEF, be able to participate in both the naming and voting process of the contest (and future contests), and of course you’ll help fund AEF’s main work. Here’s what they do:

The American Eagle Foundation is a not-for-profit organization of concerned citizens and professionals founded in 1985 to develop and conduct bald eagle and environmental recovery programs in the United States and to assist private, state, and federal projects that do the same. Their goal is to fully restore the bald eagle, the USA’s National Symbol, to America’s lands and skies as well as continuing to care and protect the future of this majestic bird.

But whether you become a member or not, I’m curious. What would you name the nestlings?

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