How is a motorcycle like an ant?

motovsant.jpgI am forever finding similarities between man-made objects and specific items in nature. I remember the first time I voiced my observations aloud.

It was back when I was in college. I was with friends at the Houston Rodeo, and we were watching the featured musical act scheduled for that day. The light show that was going on during one of their performances created patterns on the floor of the Astrodome. The shapes were imperfect circles with a definite border around the edges and lots of different squiggly shapes of different sizes and colors within. I immediately exclaimed: “Hey! Those look like the cross-sections of a cell!”

Now, my friends weren’t bio-nerds like me, so each one just gaped at me with their mouths open. No one understood. They were all just there to enjoy the show. So in my attempt to save face, I tried to explained. I even pointed out that because of the shapes and definite borders of each one, they were clearly animal cells instead of plant cells.

That didn’t make me sound more nerdy at all.

Finally one of them said, “Get a life.” The others nodded in agreement and resumed watching the show.

So began a life of constant comparisons. My friends aren’t surprised at what I do anymore – they’re used to it.

Which brings me to my most recent comparison: a motorcycle and an ant. I saw this Triumph motorcycle displayed at a store in the mall recently, and all I could think about is how much it looked like an ant. Here, let me show you:

motovsant2.jpgCan you see the definite insect-like segments on this bike? It was the first thing I noticed. I’m hardly ever around motorcycles, but I’m sure you’ve guessed that already.

Have you ever noticed this before? I know I’m clearly not the first person to pick up on this. I like this sign of a Triumph dealer in the UK:

Triumphant Motorcycles Sign