It’s Leatherback Nesting Time!

Nesting leatherback sea turtle. It's Leatherback Nesting Time!

Leatherback nesting has begun in Panama and Tortuguero! In Panama, they’ve already reported more than 20 nests in Chiriqui Beach, two at Bluff Beach, and one in Long Beach, Bastimentos Island. Things are a little slower in Tortuguero, Costa Rica (which is expected) with only several nests recorded so far. Stay tuned!

Leatherback nesting has also begun in the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge in Florida. University of Central Florida staff recorded the first leatherback nest of the season on March 10, nearly a month ahead of last year’s first nest. Other Florida beaches including Singer Island, Boca Raton, Hutchinson Island, Jupiter Island, and Juno Beach have all seen multiple nests as well. Does this early start mean we’ll have a big year? Only time will tell!

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