Jane Goodall Celebrates International Day of Forests

Dr Jane Goodall Celebrates International Day of the Forests

“I have always loved the forest, but it was not until I actually lived in the forests of Gombe that I came to realize, in the most vivid way, that the forest is a living, breathing entity of intertwining, interdependent life forms. It is perfect, complete, a powerful presence, and so much more — so very much more — than the sum of its parts.” 
Dr. Jane Goodall

Today, March 21, is the United Nations International Day of Forests. On this day we reflect on the importance of forests, why we need them, and how we can save them. These biologically diverse ecosystems are found all over the globe, and are crucial to the survival of billions of plants, animals, and humans.

Our forests need us now more than ever. Deforestation fueled by mining, cattle farming, construction and logging is destroying tracts of pristine forests that our planet desperately needs. Not only does the disappearance of these forests decimate populations of plants and animals, many of which are already endangered, but the lack of forests also makes our world even more vulnerable to climate change.

In honor of this day, Dr. Jane Goodall will be writing a blog series for the Jane Goodall’s Institute’s news site Jane Goodall’s Good For All News. Enjoy reading Jane’s inspiring posts, and have a happy International Day of Forests!

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