Hiking Rocky Gap

Rocky Gap 1

Our view when we arrived at Rocky Gap State Park, MD.

Rocky Gap 2

Most trees had lost their color, but those that hadn’t were still vibrant.

Rocky Gap 3

There was actually a beach on the lake,.. and geese, and geese poop…

Rocky Gap 4

Having some fun the day we arrived (a day before the hike). It was 34 degrees, so we were the only crazies on the beach.

Rocky Gap 5

Far away life guard stand.

Rocky Gap 6

Beautiful blue mountain lake.

Rocky Gap 7

A gorgeous panoramic view of Rocky Gap State Park in November.

Rocky Gap 8

And we begin our 6.5 mile hike on the Lakeside Loop Trail.

Rocky Gap 9

I can’t get over how blue the lake looks. I know it’s a reflection of the sky, but the Chesapeake Bay (where I live) stays brown no matter how blue the sky is.

Rocky Gap 10

Courtney had to get in on this shot.

Rocky Gap 11

It was 40 degrees out, I had a cold, and I was recovering from a terrible soar throat. And since I wasn’t able to breathe out of my nose, I didn’t want to have a relapse. Skipping the hike was NOT an option! So I decided to look like a criminal.

Rocky Gap 12

Courtney always makes me stop and take the “aren’t I adorable” picture in everything we do. 🙂

Rocky Gap 13

It had snowed just 2 nights before and every day’s high was 42 or lower. So… some of the smaller little runoffs from the lake were frozen.

Rocky Gap 14

In some places the trail was well signed and/or blazed. But most of the time it wasn’t. In a few instances Courtney and I had to temporarily split up to determine where the trail went. In other situations my GPS was sufficient – thankfully.

Rocky Gap 15

We passed by one of the many iconic little white churches situated within the Appalachian Mountains.

Rocky Gap 16

Just a little (frozen) stream leading to/from the lake in the distance.

Rocky Gap 17

Beaver dam.

Rocky Gap 18

This trail leads farther up the mountain and ends at the PA line. If Court and I had taken this trail as well it would’ve put us at 13 miles, and the sun would’ve gone down way before we could get back.
…next time

Rocky Gap 19

Another trail we’ll tackle at another time. As you can see, the sun was already going behind the mountains. We were trying to time our hike during the “warmest” time of the day. It was definitely getting colder.

Rocky Gap 20

…so beautiful…

Rocky Gap 21

Can you see the “giant carrot?” 😛

Rocky Gap 22

The lake was so placid that the reflections were a flawless mirror image.

Rocky Gap 23

The sun was officially behind the mountains at this point, and the temp was well below freezing. Poor Court wanted to hurry and finish this thing. 😀

Now, normally I like to stop and check out the local wildlife while on a hike, but it’s November. What can you do? We did, however, have an angry squirrel follow us around from high up on the trees. I’m guessing at the “angry” part because he was throwing things at us – literally right as us. Ha!