My healing nature walk

bald eagle 2

Just this past Tuesday I noticed I was coming down with a cold. Along with my customary teas, I knew that rest and connecting with nature would make me feel better. Since I also had the day off, I made sure I did nothing but that. It was such a beautiful day (and I didn’t feel like going anywhere), so I just walked to my neighborhood park. It’s a secluded park, and I was pretty sure I was going to be the only one there. Perfect.

I brought my iPhone to take pictures (also because I don’t go anywhere without it) and my big/fancy camera in case I needed a better shot of something special. I hardly ever use my camera, and sometimes I don’t even bring it. It’s just too bulky. But as soon as I got to the park, the first thing I saw was this bald eagle (above). I was glad I had my camera, then.

My iPhone DID NOT get a good pic. I dropped everything, took out my camera, sat down, and waited for a good shot. I think I sat for hours waiting for it fly back by and get close enough. But I got a really good one. At least it was peaceful where I was waiting.

Mayo Beach Park 2

This is the view of the park to the left of where I was sitting.

Mayo Beach Park 3

And this is the view to the right. As you can see, it was a gorgeous day!

Once I finally got a good shot of the eagle, I stashed the camera back into my bag and resumed my walk (the iPhone took over again).

Mayo Beach Park 4

The water coming from the Chesapeake¬†Bay was unusually clear. Sadly I couldn’t really smell the fresh air yet. I was too congested.

Mayo Beach Park 5

Osprey nest on an osprey platform, but no osprey. There were lots of seagulls, though.

Mayo Beach Park 7

There were also lots of ducks. I was right about being the only one at this park. Ducks had clearly been all over this beach recently. I was making the only human footprints.

Mayo Beach Park 8

Leaving the beach and entering the trees. (Yeah, there’s bike tracks. But seriously, no one else was around.)

Mayo Beach Park 10Once among the trees I noticed most were silver maples – so named because the back of the leaves have a silvery look to them. They turn beautiful colors in Fall. It’s too early for it right now, though.

Mayo Beach Park 11

Leaving the park I finally saw the osprey! I wasn’t going to wait for the osprey to get closer like I did with the eagle. I was ready to go.

Mayo Beach Park 13

On my way home I felt the need to resume my pic taking. It’s not everyday you see an overgrown, or “spent,” dandelion. This one was as tall as me!

Mayo Beach Park 14

Native bamboo (switch cane) grows around here, too, and sometimes makes me feel like I’m in the jungle.

My walk was almost done, and I was feeling a bit better. Then I turned down a street I don’t normally walk, and I was immediately struck by an amazing scent. It was such a good scent I completely forgot how I had been unable to smell all day. As I kept walking the scent got stronger until I finally found the source.

Mayo Beach Park 15

A neighbor had an apple tree growing in her yard! There was a slight breeze, so I just stood there breathing in the scent.

When I got home I felt much better. I made some tea, ate an apple, and took a nap where I dreamed of birds, beaches and trees.