Glowing Sea Turtle Discovered

glowing sea turtle

Here’s another reason to go diving – if you’re not already a fan of the sport.

In July, a glowing hawksbill sea turtle – a critically endangered species – was discovered in the Solomon Islands by David Gruber, a marine biologist.

Some corals are known to “glow” underwater, as do some jellyfish, eels, and more than 180 other fish species.

And now, for the first time ever, it was discovered that reptiles also have the ability to light up like a Christmas tree.

One night as Gruber was filming a coral reef, the hawksbill sea turtle appeared “from out of the blue,” he said in a National Geographic video. He described the turtle as looking like a “bright red and green spaceship.”

Gruber’s diving partner, TBA 21 Academy Director Marcus Reymann, said in the video that he’d never seen a turtle that calm.” He was just hanging out with us. I was loving the light.”

Scientists have only been studying bioflourescence for about 10 years.” As soon as we started tuning into it, we started finding it everywhere,” Gruber said. “First it was in corals and jellyfish, then it was in fish – and there it was, this UFO.” (unique floating object?)

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