Girl finally gets day off, sits outside

enjoying the outdoors 3

Yesterday I finally had a day off after 10 full days in a row of work. I’m talking real work, like 10 hours a day on my feet work. That’s right, in the past 10 days I’ve worked 100 hours without a full day off – and inside, not outside! I was ready to kill someone. Anyone would do, but I was also so tired by the last few days that it was a serious struggle just to focus clearly. As it turns out I’m no good after 6 days in a row. So, on my day off, I did nothing. Absolutely noth-ing. Nothing important anyway, or at least I thought.

My doing-nothing-day-off was spent outside, naturally.

I just sat there watching birds, bugs, fish, etc. It was great! Ospreys chased each other and dove for fish; a beetle fell into the water and made it back out alive through patience, persistence, and (surprisingly & intelligently) trial and error; tiny fish nibbled at my toes – some tickled, some hurt; and a variety of birds called out to each other with many different songs.

It was a beautiful and calm day out on the water. It was a relaxing and inspiring day off. It was just what I needed.

Of course I can’t ignore the highlights of the day where I read a few chapters of this

A dance with dragons

Hung out with these

Sally and her 4

And talked across the water to this girl

Courtney on a boat

Whenever you have your days off, I hope they’re great as well!

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