Gazing on the Summer Triangle at night


summer triangle 2

The summer triangle is an imaginary line drawn in the night sky connecting three stars that are most predominant during the summer months in the northern hemisphere.

No, it’s not Pink Floyd’s great gig in the sky.

However, looking for the summer triangle during nights when you’re camping or just hanging out can still keep you entertained and feeling mystical. You might even get the same deep thoughts you get while listening to Pink Floyd.

Here’s how to find the triangle:

Grab your phone, and turn on your Sky View app, Sky Walker app, or similar. Now, find the brightest star in the summer sky: Vega. Then look for the triangle it forms with two other bright stars, Deneb and Altair. Deneb is farthest from the earth; Altair is the closest.

No app? No problem. These are bright stars, and on a clear night you should be able to see them perfectly.


summer triangle

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