What Was Your First Sign of Spring?

blooming maple tree

While out on a walk today, I noticed all the trees in the area were beginning to bud. Though the weather forecast here in the Mid-Atlantic is calling for snow on Friday, the unmistakable signs of spring are well on their way — like this budding/blooming maple tree in my front yard. And it couldn’t care less about our weather forecasts.

However, it’s not the first sign of the season I noticed.

Obviously the weather is a great indicator, and it’s been fairly warm a majority of the days during the past couple of weeks. But that wasn’t it.

My very first official sign of spring this year?

Next door to us there is a little isolated swamp. (There are several of these around the Chesapeake Bay.) Two weeks ago, among the reeds and beach grass, I heard the distinct call of the male red-winged blackbird. These calls are very easy for me to recognize, and they come with the territory with the sounds of any wetland — their natural habitat. If you’re familiar with wetlands, then you know what I’m talking about. Red-winged black birds are not found anywhere near the Chesapeake Bay during winter. Just like their departure from the area means the beginning of winter, so their arrival means the start of spring. Several birds around here are like that,  but the red-winged black bird was the first one I noticed this year.

I’m curious. What was your first sign of spring this year?

red-winged black bird

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