Debunking ‘Big Bad Wolf’ stereotype with Art

Earthjustice has partnered with the Creative Action Network calling on artists to create a body of work in honor of the embattled gray wolf. The campaign seeks to debunk negative stereotypes of the wolf, portraying the species in a playful, uplifting way and celebrating its status as an icon of the wild. No more “big bad wolf!”

Here’s just some of the featured artwork and what the artists have to say about their work:


wolf art 1

Save the Wolves by Emily Kelley

“When I thought about how to portray the wolf, I wanted to convey something intriguing and inviting, but strong and powerful. I think the classic silhouette of a wolf is very powerful, but incorporated warm colors to bring a new light to the wolf.”

wolf art 2

Hipster Wolf by Daisy Patton

“With humans encroaching on wolves’ natural habitat, I liked the idea of a wolf who has adapted by adopting human practices, specifically a hipster who focuses on appreciating nature and a return to certain pre-modern practices. It is a reminder that while it is a funny concept, we humans should be mindful of our impact and seek to protect these incredible animals.”

wolf art 3

That’s Amore by Susanne Lamb

“The image of a wolf howling is considered so fearsome, and the sound itself truly is, but I wanted to represent one of the not-so-spooky reasons wolves will vocalize at night. The call is often made by male wolves to attract females. Romantic!”

wolf art 4

Mystery Wolves by Walt Barker

 “My design was based on my own reaction to several encounters with wild wolves. In each case, I was struck by how much a part of the landscape they were, how they were just one of many indispensable aspects of the ecosystem. If you watch their behavior close enough, you get a sense that nature is rarely wasteful. I think there is a lesson in that.”

wolf art 5

Calling by Mario Fuentes

“I made a new version of the famous poster by James Montgomery Flagg used to promote the recruitment of young people for the U.S. Army during World War I. This new poster aims to get us to join the ‘Join the Pack’ campaign for the protection of wolves that are in danger of extinction.”

And there’s many more; some funny, some thought-provoking, and some just plain awesome! See them all at the Creative Action Network. And if there’s a design you really like, you can get it on a t-shirt, mug, etc.

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