Creative Pet Project

creative pet project 3

Do you love to read, or do you just like to look at pictures? How about this: Do you love animals and nature?

Yeah, I thought that you’d say “yes” to that one. Well, whether you’re a reader or you just enjoy good artwork, I have the book for you. It’s called Creative Pet Project, and I can’t give this book enough praise. The stories here are absolutely touching, and the artwork is breathtaking. Page for page, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. If you have a companion animal in your life, or if you once did, then you especially should read this book. The view you have of your pets and the outside world will never be the same.

Here’s what it’s all about…

creative pet project 2The Creative Pet Project is an ongoing collaboration from artists worldwide, to explore their amazing connections with not only the animals they draw and paint, but the inspiration they have received from having a companion animal in their lives. The project results in a book of the collaborating artists (pictured with their companions) showing the connection they have in their art to the natural world.

Additionally, when you purchase this book, 20% of the retail price is donated to Wildlife Alliance. That’s a total bonus! Click on the book, and you can start reading it immediately. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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