Heal the Bay, a nonprofit organization out of Santa Monica, CA, posted this as their “photo of the month,” and I couldn’t resist sharing. It kind of makes you think of Bruce from Finding Nemo, doesn’t it?

This hilarious picture of a smiling lemon shark was caught on film underwater in Juniper, FL by Kenneth MacWilliams, a 58 year old retiree. He was diving with Emerald Charters scuba diving when the shark came swimming by them.

Although they grow up to 10 feet in length, they don’t use their power to their advantage, and there have never been any known human fatalities. Lemon sharks are known as the “friendliest” sharks on the planet.

I’m sure you can agree there’s something slightly less intimidating about this shark than Bruce, as the smile is more goofy than malicious.

Bruce 3

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