Booming Dunes of Nevada’s Sand Mountain

Nevada Sand Mountain 3

Have you ever heard the booming sound coming from the sand mountains of Nevada? It’s a low, haunting sound that really is coming from the mountains themselves. Scientists have been baffled for decades about how these mountains create such sound.

Eventually a discovery was made. When closely packed sand grains slide over each other, the low-frequency sound produced is magnified by the stationary sand underneath, resulting in the phenomenon of “booming” dunes. Acoustical vibrations at Nevada’s Sand Mountain dunes can sound as loud as a low-flying B-29 bomber.

In this fascinating National Geographic clip, scientists have found an interesting way of discovering what makes these mountains sing.

I’ve never been there to witness this first hand, but I would love to. I’m completely fascinated by it. What about you? Is this something you’d want to do, too? Have you ever heard these singing sands live? Let me know about your experience.

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