Amazing Architecture! By Insects?

Right now, deep in the world’s rainforests, master architects are busy building homes and nurseries, log cabins, pyramids, cage fortresses, and webbed towers. Although these structures may look like the result of human engineering, they’re actually created by insects and are no bigger than a leaf. If you were on a rainforest expedition, you’d likely never notice them.

Lucky for us, Singapore-based photographer Nicky Bay has an eye for the incredibly small. In his new photo series, Bay brings the minuscule architectural marvels of insects into full view.

Bagworm moth larva

My favorite is the Bagworm moth larva’s twisting stack of twigs it builds to protect itself as it grows inside.

Bay has collected several other examples of these tiny architects, including a web tower and a silk-covered tent which you can see over on his macro photography blog.

Also check out Nicky Bay’s Macro Photographs of Singapore’s most Unusual Insects and Arachnids featured on Colossal.

Cicadae parasite Beetle

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