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I was born in Louisiana in 1971 to an Italian mother and a very Cajun father. When I was nine, my family and I moved to Houston, Texas, and that’s where I grew up with both my parents and my three younger siblings. In 1995, after studying both the Performing Arts and Geography at Sam Houston State University, I traveled the country for a while until I eventually landed with friends in Maryland.

I’m a Master Naturalist, which means I put my theater background and my expertise in the natural sciences to work by leading and engaging others through outdoor education programs. (My favorite is leading ecology tours by canoe!) I also spent a majority of my time conducting (or assisting) in various conservation research areas (both in a wetland and in a forest setting), and participating in environmental stewardship projects for the state of Maryland. In 2008, I started my first nature blog (Apple Guardians — now called Green Earth Almanac) in my free time.

My writing quality and expertise opened up several professional writing gigs for me with environmental nonprofits, magazines, and online news media sources to name a few – most of which as a ghost writer. From 2011 to 2015, I held a nationally syndicated “green activism” column with The Examiner. In 2014, I was ranked number one in the “Green Living” category. Also during those four years I cultivated dozens of relationships with environmental and wildlife non-profits, and I have a strong working relationship with them to this day.

I now have 3 active blogs. My primary blog is called The Nature Fan. This is my most popular blog and the fastest growing one as well. The reason for the title is because whenever anyone asks me why I like nature so much, I always answer, “I don’t know. I guess I’m just a fan.” Those who really know me, know it’s true. A fan, which is short for “fanatic,” is defined as a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something or someone. And in my case, I’m that way with all of nature and with my obsession with outdoor recreation (especially kayaking!).

The Nature Fan is a general nature blog featuring everything from fascinating nature throughout the web or in my own backyard, to me sharing my studies and personal experiences with you; from interesting outdoor travel places around the world to my own personal exploits. The list goes on and on, but the main purpose is get more people outside appreciating nature. My vision is to encourage a “nature-loving attitude” to more and more people.

My secondary blog is called Nature Fan Activists. The articles here are more technical and professional, and you’ll find the posts here focus on two things only: conservation news and take action alerts from anywhere and everywhere. I love constantly knowing what’s going on, and this is my way of being in the middle of it all. Additionally, my strong connections with many other naturalists, environmental scientists, etc. ensures I always have my finger on the pulse of the conservation movement. This is exactly what I was doing with The Examiner, but having my own blog gives me much more freedom and flexibility.

My newest blog is called Nature Fan Explorers and it globally focuses on nature travel and outdoor adventures. This is by far my most fun blog for me due to both my geography background and my insatiable love for outdoor adventure. The main reason I began this one, however, is because I am currently recovering from an injury that I hope is temporary. Since — right now — I can’t go adventuring in a physical sense (like I used to anyway), I’ve decided to go adventuring in a literary sense, instead. (You should join me!) I’m excited and can’t wait to see how this one progresses. 😀

I now currently live with my husband, daughter, & step-son, and we enjoy the view of the Chesapeake Bay outside our windows. My absolute favorite activity — hands down — is kayaking. However, since that activity is currently on hold, I still make sure my free time is spent outside. I can be found nature watching, reading, or briefly taking a walk. And I almost always have a cup of coffee with me.

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